Quality Control Levels

QC Item Level 1 Level 2 Level 2+ Level 3 Level 3 Plus Special Services§
Chain of Custody (COC) x x x x x x
Analytical Results x x x x x x
Narrative x x
Surrogates x x x x x
Method Blank (MB) x x x x
Laboratory Control Sample (LCS) x x x x
Matrix Spike (MS) x x* x* x*
Matrix Spike Duplicate (MSD) x x* x* x*
Sample Duplicates
Chromatograms x x
Raw Data** x
Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD)#  O O O O O

* The MS/MSD performed on field sample from the client that requested this QC level.
** Includes: run logs, prep logs, mass spectra, std. calibrations, other pertinent documentation.
# Please specify the format.
¹ This applies to inorganics only.
O = Optional
X = Included
§ AWAL offers custom services. Call for more information: 801-263-8686.