About Us

Our Mission Statement

AWAL will provide unparalleled customer service while producing method compliant and legally defensible data. The value of our product will surpass our competition regardless of price by eliminating costly errors and providing added value services at no additional charge. AWAL will provide free technical assistance to our clients regardless of the prospect for additional income.

American West Analytical Laboratories (AWAL) was founded in 1986 by Steve Getz and Craig Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes continues to own the laboratory and sit on the board. AWAL maintains a single 9500 sq. ft. facility in Salt Lake City, Utah at 3440 South 700 West. AWAL has a staff of approximately 35 dedicated employees with an average 9 years experience at this laboratory. Based on our low employee turnover and extensive training we are able to provide quality data, on time, at a competitive price.

AWAL provides analytical services to environmental consultants and engineers, waste water treatment plants, petroleum companies, US DoD, USEPA, Utah DEQ, Utah DERR, landfills, miscellaneous private industry, and private residents.

AWAL has a policy of assisting our clients with any aspects of their analytical project. We will offer assistance even if the analytical work was performed at another laboratory. Since well planned projects are less expensive, have higher quality, and have shorter turnaround times we encourage you to contact AWAL early in the planning stages. AWAL will help you with any sampling and analysis plans (SAPs) and quality assurance project plans (QAPPs) to ensure correct methods, reporting limits, turnaround time, scientific soundness, and matrix compatibility.